Against Bilderberg 2017

I won’t do too much writing here, I just wanted to post a couple of videos of impromptu interviews that I came across this morning from a small protest that took place against the Bilderberg Group conference in June 2017 at Chantilly, Virginia, USA. The first clip is of a man named Dominic who traveled four hours up from Northern Virginia. He is an infowarrior and Alex Jones adherent that is more than apprehensive of the Bilderberg Group’s elusive intentions. He’s also a Trump supporter – I’m not a fan of Trump myself but I’ve encountered a lot of interesting, intelligent and individualistic supporters of his presidency since he assumed office, this gentleman included.

The second clip is of a man named Gabriel (also the interviewer in the first clip I think) who belongs to the National-Anarchist Tribal Alliance, NY. Although I have reservations about a few individuals in the national-anarchist movement they seem to be a reasonable bunch for the most part. In this interview, Gabriel discusses the roots of antifa and the flagrant hypocrisy that defines the current movement. He is also fair in allowing that the British antifa in the 1980s were sometimes opposed to genuinely fascist organisations like the National Front before they devolved into the anti-free speech, anti-patriot movement that defines their activity today. I also like the way that he articulates the Trotskyist, Stalinist and Maoist elements that determine their outlook and behaviour.

The Bilderberg Group is a secretive collective of Western political elites and powerful figures in media, banking and big business that meet annually to discuss…well, it’s secretive, but I’ll leave the speculation up to you.


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