Wiki Smear

It has come to my attention this morning that certain political commentators that are sometimes considered to be antagonistic to the left have been listed as ‘far right’ on their Wikipedia page, with the page then being locked from further editing. I’m not very wiki-savvy and I’m not sure how or why a page gets locked like this, but I’ve always appreciated Wikipedia for being a reliable, non-partisan source of neutral information. I emailed a query to the Wikipedia volunteer team, the full email being listed below. Is this a concern for you? Spread awareness, or maybe contact Wikipedia directly and try to figure out what’s going on here.

“Dear wiki volunteers

I am writing to you because I don’t normally edit or talk on Wikipedia pages and am not very ‘wiki-savvy’, but I am becoming very concerned about the pages of some political commentators being listed as “far-right” and then being locked from editing. Specifically I am talking about the pages of Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes. They are certainly controversial and contentious speakers but they are not widely considered to be “far right” which is otherwise reserved for nazi/fascist-sympathies.

I feel like they may be victims of a political smear, and the sources cited just seem to be a couple of random journalists, whilst there are many other sources that disagree with the claim. I wouldn’t even mind something on the page like “some have accused them of being far right” or something like that, but to just state it as a matter of fact at the opening of the article doesn’t seem fair. I’m not sure why the page is locked as I don’t normally edit Wikipedia pages. I’m used to Wikipedia being a reliable and unbiased source yet the content of these pages has become absolutely partisan. I hope you can explain to me how and why this is being tolerated.

Thank you for your time”


Alex Jones
Gavin McInnes
Rebel Media


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