Gavin and Alex discuss the Cult of the Regressive Left

It’s funny that these guys just did a video together, when just yesterday I made a short post about the way both of these commentators are being smeared through Wikipedia, which seems like a trivial complaint, but when you consider the fact that many people (including myself) get comfortable with Wikipedia being a source of neutral information it is not at all helpful to read ‘X is a far right political commentator’ (and then having the page locked from further editing) when that neither reflects their output nor their actual public reception, although these two short videos might serve as a window to those that may sneer at the prospect of character assassination by the so-called “liberal” left.

In the first video, Gavin explains how the cult of the radical left that masquerade as liberal have a knack of disowning people that show any sympathies towards right-wing views (especially concerning taboo subjects – patriotism, immigration, masculism etc). In the second video Alex Jones discusses the issue further with Gavin as guest (the second video starts off weird as I think they accidentally play footage of a different segment for the first minute or so but then it fixes, audio is fine throughout – Alex is on air practically every waking hour so we can afford to cut him some slack!)

Don’t take this as an endorsement of all the views of either The Rebel Media or Infowars, but I do like both these commentators and sympathise with their frustration with the regressive, censorial, PC left.



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