Varieties of Libertarianism

Today I’d like to share a post from a blog that I follow, The Ecumenical Libertarian. Consider giving the blog a look and a follow, the author posts a lot of interesting, well-written material on a variety of libertarian issues.

“A lot of people like to call themselves libertarians. It was actually kind of trendy a few years back. Some of those people have, at best, a tenuous connection to libertarian philosophy. In addition, a good number of folks have taken to using the word pejoratively, seeing the entire lot of us as apologists for evil corporate interests. We are either naive, evil or both. In trying to define libertarianism, one must be careful not to exclude those whose views may differ in some significant ways from our own. It is that sort of internal squabbling which limits our growth as both a movement and a party. So today I wanted to simply describe some of the different types of of libertarians…”

Continue reading at The Ecumenical Libertarian


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