On Vacation

I’m currently holidaying with my girlfriend in (Trinidad and) Tobago. I did intend to get some writing done while I was over here but I don’t know how much content I’ll manage to publish, having too much fun and not staying focused enough. I have a new piece titled ‘Communism as Spectre’ scheduled to be published in a few days, and may work on a few pieces in the meantime, but probably won’t publish much else until I’m home and settled.

I’m going to try to learn a bit about the Tobago autonomy movement while I’m over here. Trinidad and (its smaller neighbour) Tobago are part of one country, but there are a lot of people that wish to secede because there are significant cultural differences, not to mention the large body of water that divides them. From what I gather so far this is similar to the independence movements in Catalonia, Brittany, Kurdistan, Hong Kong, Texas, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland and so on, though given the fact that Tobago is a whole separate island there is a greater practical appeal.

tt 3                tt 4

I am considering starting up a series of articles titled “Voices of Secession” or something along those lines in the future, interviewing ordinary folk in all these regions and more about the reasons that they support independence for their region: not political commentators, bloggers or YouTubers but ordinary folk that are passionate about their own independence movements.

tt 2Orville London, chief secretary of the Tobago House
of Assembly and proponent of Tobagonian autonomy
(Photograph by Roger Jacob, www.newsday.co.tt)

I have a new article on communism scheduled to go live in a few days, and may share a few blog posts that I’ve enjoyed along the way, but if I don’t post any other content in the meantime then catch me on the other side of the Atlantic in a couple of weeks.

Vive la sécession!


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