Muslims Reacting to Homosexuals

I don’t want to write much here, just sharing an interesting video I just came across. Three British Muslims watching ‘homophobia awareness’ sort of videos and giving a no-nonsense response. I have no sort of social justice sentiment to push here, no agenda at all, just thought this was an interesting video that some of you may enjoy. If it needs to be said, I find homophobia in the sense of harassment/bullying to be repulsive, but have no problem with “reactionary” folk that condemn homosexuality on religious or traditionalist grounds either.

As for Islam, I have yet to read the Quran and don’t know much about the religion outside of the basics. A lot of Muslim groups are pretty illiberal and anti-Western here in the UK, and this is probably influenced by the Quran, though whether those values are a “pure” expression of the Quran or rather represent the Quran when fused with some other (nationalist? revolutionary?) tendency I don’t know (but I do maintain that the Quran probably has a lot to do with it, with its emphasis on honour, purity, ‘striving’ and so on) but I also had three good Muslim friends in my form group in college when I was younger who were just ordinary, fairly liberal millennials that were no more theocratic than my Christian friends (as far as students go, atheists seem to be the most militant).

As far as so-called “Islamophobia” goes I don’t condone arbitrary hostility towards Muslims or assumptive typecasting of Muslims as all being anti-liberal and liable to terrorism, but I also believe that characters like Tommy Robinson have the right to criticise Islam and the Quran just as much as I support the right of everybody from Richard Dawkins to Marilyn Manson to debase and insult the Christian bible.

I really wanted to avoid sounding platitudinous and sanctimonious and am failing miserably so I’ll stop here, I just wanted to stress that I’m quite consistently libertarian on all of these issues. I will post more at length on my views on Islam (when I’ve learned a bit more about it) as well as gay rights some time in the future. The description of this video reads:

“…yes we do believe [homosexuality] to be a major sin just like Christianity and Judaism, however, this doesn’t mean that if you’re homosexual you can’t be a Muslim”

I should say also that I suspect the first video/social experiment might be fake

0:45 – “he’s going over the top” … “at least act properly” …”this is insulting to homosexuals” “he’s proper over-exaggerating” … “it’s like he’s mocking them” (in reaction to the protagonist’s hackneyed over-acting)

1:50 – “woah, it said 50% off, where!?” … “huh? ahhh, typical Asian, always looking at discounts…” 


2 thoughts on “Muslims Reacting to Homosexuals”

  1. Hi there, I’m Paul Williams who featured in the second part of the video. I gave a talk recently in a mosque about Islam and homosexuality which seeks to explain the mainstream Islamic view on the subject if you are interested:

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    1. Very interesting! I’ll give the whole thing a listen when I get some time. I salute your courage in manoeuvring this minefield for the pursuit of truth and illumination. I expect that you’ve faced much fiercer opposition than this video shows.


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