The Google Diversity Memo is the Counter-Culture Manifesto We Need

You’ve probably already heard about this controversy by now, but in case you’re unaware, Google scientist James Damore was recently fired for writing an internal memo titled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’, (politely) criticising Google’s diversity measures and recommending alternatives for maximising career opportunities for the under-represented (especially women). The reason that this was so controversial was because Damore made the highly objectionable claim that differences in gender roles and careers may partly be biological in nature rather than purely sociological. Even though this is backed by the hardest science and soundest statistics, this is obviously blasphemy under the dispensation of so-called “liberal” (actually cultural Marxist) hegemony. He also made the highly contentious claim that conservatives are being alienated by this very hegemony, which is frankly undeniable to anybody that cares to survey the evidence.

The memo was leaked and published by Vice, it is actually one of the most precise, exact, honest, open, balanced and deferential expressions of truth that I’ve read on this subject. The title of my article is not hyperbole; this 10-page document, although written specifically with Google’s internal affairs in mind, has much broader implications and serves as a powerful weapon against the lies of cultural marxism, the “new” (1960s) left, socialism, feminism, social justice, PC culture and contemporary, US-style “liberalism”. I pray that the controversy surrounding this issue sanctifies and commemorates this magnificent work, marking it as a bulwark in the battle against the social constructionists and post-modernists working to turn modern civilisation into an irredeemably pathological purgatory.

Whether Damore was influenced by Jordan B. Peterson or whether they simply share the same sources, anyone familiar with Peterson’s phenomenal lectures will recognise most of the arguments in this memo to be as solid as stainless steel. Find the memo linked below, along with Jordan B. Peterson’s interview with James Damore and another (anonymous) Google employee.

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber


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