Big Narstie: Casual anti-PC champion

So Big Narstie, UK grime MC, faced criticism for the part he took in an Oxford debate recently. Cannot lie, it was rather silly. Not only did it not make any sense whatsoever, it was short, unprepared, and the humour wasn’t up to his usual standard. I feel like he got off on the wrong foot as a lot of anti-PC, anti-SJW folk that hate accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’ and that sort of thing might actually find that they have a lot more in common with Narstie than they realise. He isn’t in any way political, and is not anti-PC in an explicit way, but implicitly he ridicules and denigrates that sort of nonsense at a very popular, casual level. This is exactly what we need in the battle against political correctness, it can’t all be handled through academia and narrow alternative-political channels. Find below three clips that I think highlight this wonderful aspect of Narstie’s internet presence. I have a feeling that there won’t be a lot of grime or hip hop fans reading my blog, but if you are that way inclined, be sure to check out his music too.

He also featured on the BBC with Andrew Neil recently and that was pretty silly too; he should really stay out of conventional politics and continue being an entertainer, he’s making a much bigger political contribution through popular culture without even realising it.


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