Hands Off Enoch Powell!

While I really don’t like to defend the BBC, they were absolutely right for hosting the infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech (an expression that is not actually in the speech) as part of a discussion for the speech’s 50th anniversary. Enoch Powell was a national hero who rightly predicted the imminent danger of mass immigration and all of the social and cultural calamity that has followed it. Although the BBC has no affinity with Enoch Powell (they oppose virtually everything he stood for), the way that they are being demonised over even daring to discuss such a “controversial” (it really isn’t, read it for yourself) speech is pathetic. Besides, there are far better reasons to attack the Brussels Broadcasting Company.

No apologies, Enoch Powell was a remarkable politician, the kind which is sadly very rare in this country nowadays. Whether you think his speech was an over or under reaction/prediction, its relevance is undeniable today more than ever.

Read the so-called ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech here


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