Rhodes Must Stand

As I've made quite clear in a previous text, I am opposed to the 'Rhodes Must Fall' campaign, and am opposed to the radical revision of history in general. It is not in spite of Rhodes' zealous attitude towards colonialism and his galling and excessive national and racial chauvinism that I make this stand, but… Continue reading Rhodes Must Stand


Thoughts on the removal and destruction of statues and monuments

With the 'Rhodes Must Fall' campaign still making headlines, I'd like to give a couple of my thoughts on the idea of statue removal and the white-washing of colonial history. For those that don't know, 'Rhodes Must Fall' is a campaign for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes, who was both a prominent… Continue reading Thoughts on the removal and destruction of statues and monuments

Wiki Smear

It has come to my attention this morning that certain political commentators that are sometimes considered to be antagonistic to the left have been listed as 'far right' on their Wikipedia page, with the page then being locked from further editing. I'm not very wiki-savvy and I'm not sure how or why a page gets… Continue reading Wiki Smear